Sunday, June 1, 2014

Essentially nobody


This advertisement caught my attention. I must admit I kinda like all things British like Earl Grey tea, Marks & Spencer, Burberry etc. I like British humor too. But on a serious note, I am of the opinion that we have no citizenship, whatever citizenship we may be holding now. The essence of our existence is we are a nobody. To understand and internalize the reality of us being a nobody is one of the essential teachings of Sufism. 

This quote of Abu Sa'id is from a book entitled 'Essential Sufism':
"Realize that you know nothing and you are a nobody.
It is no easy thing to attain this realization.
It doesn't come with teaching and instruction,
nor can it be sewn on with a needle,
or tied with a thread.
This is a gift from God and
a question of whom He bestows it on
and whom He causes to experience it."

So who are we to claim we know something and claim our good deeds as belonging to us, hence ask or expect a reward, when it is He who creates us and our actions?

May Allah protect us from syirik khafi (subtle polytheism). Syirik is the worst unforgivable sin, so we heard from our guides. We seek refuge in Allah from falling into such a grave error.

Allahu a'lam.

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