Friday, May 30, 2014

Paris dreams


If an elegant lady like you would be so picky as to who sees your beauty, what reason do you demand from me O Paris? "I love your curves and all your edges" hum a song to serenade you O charmer. Shall go on with love chanting til hope comes knocking saying you would welcome me.

Oh, this is my feeble attempt to send a message out to the Universe. That I deserve to win the competition that would take me there. People flock at your feet for reasons so many. I want to breathe that chic Parisian air and I've a mission of goodwill I'll not yet reveal.

Share my stories with people, I will. Am not a selfish traveller you shall see. Behind my eyes are a hundred eyes. O Paris, don't be a snobbish lady. Surely you are not, for you are sweet and demure, so take me there and show me amor.

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