Tuesday, June 3, 2014



Gosh, what's with 'Paris Dreams'? Thought it was rather quixotic a posting. It has become top 5 now. Hmm...we will never know what kind of writing makes readers tick. Anyway, let me just mention this, so as to relate 'Paris Dreams' - albeit remotely - to this blog. Did you know, the Grand Mosque of Paris was founded in 1926 by Shaykh Ahmad al-Alawi (1869 - 1934) and it was inaugurated in the presence of the then French President. How cool is that?

This appears to be another midnite rambling. Do you care? No. Do I care about your opinion? I don't.

Heh...heh...pardon me for being brusque. The mind is somewhat tired but excited having just finished a computer lesson on Adobe Premiere at 1.30 a.m. God bless my teacher! It's never too late to wish him Happy Teachers' Day, is it? In Malaysia, Teachers' Day is celebrated on 16 May. 

But every day is teachers' day methinks. Why? Because as said the Prophet salallah alaihi wasalam: 'Allah and His angels and the people of the heavens and the earth, even the ants in the rocks and the fish, pray for blessings on those who teach people good.' And this, we can be certain, is a 24/7 activity. Subhanallah.

And yes, to teach people Adobe Premiere is teaching people good. Though I must say it's an exotic subject for someone with my background. Oh well, things are difficult before they become easy. It won't take long before something we are unfamiliar with, becomes familiar if we care to familiarize ourself with it. Heh...heh...remember me for my witty wordplay, will you? 

Lastly, here's a lil trivia for you. There are only four words that end with xotic: quixotic, exotic, unexotic and nonexotic. Toxic is not one of it : D

Good nite y'all. It's 2.37 a.m. I'd better get some sleep before this posting turns nonsensical. 
Astaghfirullah lima yaqlamuhullah.
Astaghfirullah kama yuhibbuhullah.
By the way, have you memorized this istighfar taught by Habib Umar bin Hafiz? I have. Alhamdulillah.

To tell you the truth, this posting came about because my English teacher challenged me to use the words quixotic and brusque in one posting. God bless him. Yes, I have an English teacher. O my niece and nephew: don't be shy to learn one or two new words a day.


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