Saturday, May 10, 2014

Rain on Bussorah


"We can laugh about
how time really flies..."

Once upon a time
I opened a window
Above Bussorah Street
It's a good feeling to have
sleeping under the same roof as Wardah
the coolness of our eyes
where thirsty souls escape to read

Nazal ma' minas sahhab
Water comes from clouds
Bussorah is drenched so pretty
even in the darkness of fajar 
Awaiting the call of azan
of Masjid Sultan nearby

One serene morning
it rained on Bussorah
a place I would go back to
something magical stays in the mind
"We won't say good bye
cos true love never dies,
You'll always be beautiful
in my eyes."

Rain on Bussorah
A street in Singapore
One morning in 2013

Credit: Lines in quotation marks are borrowed from a song by Joshua Kadison

Wardah Books
58 Bussorah St.

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