Thursday, May 8, 2014

Sunset in KL | Design of the Lord


Alhamdulillah, this is one ayat I know by heart. May Allah gather more ayat in our heart because we are grateful for knowing the few that we knew. Didn't He promise to give us more, if we are grateful?

That is ayat no.38 of Surah Yaseen.
This is one ayat that's been mentioned several times on this space, somehow. You will know if you are a regular reader. Maybe our souls had met in alam mithal that's why we keep on meeting so often here, that's why our hearts are so warm towards one another, perhaps, perhaps, perhaps.

If you allow me to be majnun for a moment and adapt from a saying attributed to him.
"Majnun would stare at the full moon. When asked why, he said maybe Laila might look too, and our glances meet."

O you, my love, look at the sun as I too would,
every so often
though we are so far apart
as distant as the East from the West
when our eyes fall on the bright sun
there our glances shall unite
and our hearts too, 
in the most glorious of light 
designed by the only He
for lovers like you and me

That is sunset in KL, people.
That is sunset from my bedroom.
All praise be to Allah, the Lord of the world.
That is sunset dated 3rd May 2014.
We won't catch the same sun setting on the same date.
Because we can never turn back time.
The day is gone.
Gone is the day.

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