Sunday, June 8, 2014

Temerloh - where two rivers meet | Legacy of a learned man


Temerloh is a small town in central Pahang. It is about one and a half hours drive to the east of Kuala Lumpur. It is where two rivers meet i.e. the Pahang river [as seen in pic] and the Semantan river. 

Semantan is short for Seman Tahan - a man whose real name was Osman. He was very well known for his knowledge, prowess and martial arts skill, hence the nickname Tahan. People who came to know about his special abilities gradually moved to live near him in order to learn from him. Osman Tahan became so famous that the nearby river where he lived was named after him. Over the years, his nickname Seman Tahan evolved to Semantan. The place grew quite rapidly and became a popular transit town. This was in the late 19th century prior to the arrival of British to Malaya [now Malaysia].

Temerloh is known as 'Patin Fish Town'. Patin is arguably the best freshwater catfish in Malaysia and the world. Well, to me, it is 10 times more delicious than salmons or unagi (eels), due to its soft and juicy taste. This is how it looks like on the grill.

Sing the Happy song: "Clap your hand if you know what happiness is to you. Because I'm happy." Because of great food : )

Not far from the Patin hotspots in Temerloh is a row of fruit stalls.

In the vicinity, to my surprise, was a shop specializing in sewing machines. The last time I saw one was in the late '80s.

Sharpening a scissors, that's what he seemed to be engrossed in
 while listening to nashid.  

Pictures are meant to entice our foreign readers. Know that year 2014 is Visit Malaysia Year. 

I am proud to be a Malaysian : )
Alhamdulillah wa shukrulillah.

If you happen to like my camera bag - it is by Oroton, an Australian brand which has partnered with international charity 'Room to Read' to sponsor 4 children libraries in Vietnam. Choose a brand wisely y'all.

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