Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Writing love | A many splendored thing


O dear, will I ever be at fault for writing from the heart? I pray not.

A loving heart is all I want to have, if I had to choose of all the world's splendor.

I want you to know the feelings I have inside. I hope my writing can make you realize, for what good is a feeling if one can't express it as is - real and beautiful. It is indeed a gift of our Lord for you and me. So, how can one ever be sorry for it? I am not. And don't you ever be.

Tonight, as if it were morning, I woke up from my dreams one hour past midnight. I read some of the wonderful words written by loving souls of by-gone times.

Each and every love letter ought to be special. That's simply because love is great. You and I need not be a great woman or man to be writing a priceless intangible commodity as is love. Anyone is free to have love. But I say it has a price. It has a high price given that it's only there if the Owner of Love sprinkles even a spark from the infinite ocean of His Love, His Rahmah.

As I try, this very moment, to look for the right word to choose next, I realize, it is more than enough that there is love between us. Our Prophet says, rich is he/she who is contented with what is at hand. I am sufficed. I know, you are too.

I browsed the two lovely books and saw how some beautiful words had been chosen to end a letter that was written with love. How should I end this then, O dear? I wonder what would become of us if we did not pray so that He lets us have plenty of love in our hearts, forever and a day.

With all the love there is and will ever be.


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