Monday, June 16, 2014

Barakah Bringers | Friends in faith


Alhamdulillah wa shukrulillah. Hope you have had a wonderful weekend as I have. 

It's humbling to have done nothing much, yet Allah sends beautiful people to my humble abode - they are the barakah bringers. Barakah indeed because they bring with them knowledge to share, message of da'wah, and prayers.

Sidi Khalid and wife are both devout followers of the Tijani Tariqa. When he related stories and lessons from his guide Shaykh Mahi Cisse, I could't help but shed tears because those were truly beautiful words of wisdom. In fact, in one sitting he was able to summarize the essence of Sufism all so clearly. MashaAllah.

Sidi Khalid and wife Ainun
are two key people in Sout Ilaahi the organizer of 
the Sacred Path of Love
annual event in Singapore

The Tijani Tariqa has a small but growing number of followers in Singapore. The tariqa traced its beginnings to Sidi Abu Abbas Ahmad ibn Muhammad al-Tijani al-Hassani in Algeria circa 1784. It is a prominent Sufi order in the African continent particularly in Algeria, Morocco, Mauritania, Senegal and Ghana.

Later in the evening, this faqir was blessed to have received two more respectable guests from Singapore. Jazakumullah Akhi WF and Ukthi S. They had the privilege of attending an intensive 4-day dowrah led by Shaykh Fahmi Zamzam al-Maliki in Kuala Lumpur. Three takeaways from the dowrah shared with me: ujub, riya' and takabbur are three out of ten sifat mazmumah. The root word for ujub is ajib or ajaib. It refers to a person who is amazed at his/her own abilities. The root word for riya' is ra'i. It refers to people who likes to show off their good deeds for people to see and acknowledge. Takabbur stems from the word takbir meaning big. It is a disease to think and act as though we are "bigger" or above others. We must therefore rid ourselves i.e. takhalli of these negative attributes.

This much I could share with you. God bless the barakah bringers.

Ever wonder why it always feel good and light after entertaining guests at home? That's because their presence by the Will of Allah will wipe out a sea of our sins; empty (takhalli) the rotten bits and fill up (tahalli) with good stuffs. Allahu a'lam.

May Allah grant me more opportunities to play hostess. Ameen. And if the Penangites should be so lucky, I have extended an invite for Shaykh Mahi Cisse to give a talk at a private gathering at my Penang home, one fine day, in sha Allah, bi-iznillah :)

For more info on the Tijani tariqa:

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