Sunday, June 15, 2014

Learning from mistakes | Finding and speaking [writing] your own voice


We all received all kinds of cool stuffs in our Inbox. Thought I'd share this one that I got, share with you, fellow readers, bloggers, and blogger acquaintances who come and go. Oh, you might remember a blogger acquaintance of this blog once upon a time - Ahmad Civale, to name but one of the few fellow bloggers who used to leave comments on this space. Wherever they may be now, I wish them all a swell happy time : )

Anyway, am quoting Jeff Goins of Goins, Writer blog. Jeff wrote about "the biggest mistakes bloggers make." He said: "Writing isn't about picking the right topic, it's about finding the right voice." Yes, I understood this better now. The first time I heard/learned about a piece of writing having "a voice" was in 2005. Heard it from my professor. It might sound easy and natural to make your voice "heard" in writing, but nay, not that easy, so I learned.

Jeff also said, "The secret behind the world's most successful blogs, the best authors, and artists we revere and respect, is this: they have a worldview." Hmm...having a worldview is essential. Yes. What is your worldview? What's mine? Something to meditate on this weekend.

Anyhow, we must thank God for this space, a place to voice up and make our voices heard, though to me it does not really matter if people are listening/reading or not because whenever you get a sudden urge to write, you'll just have to express yourself.

Oh, it's Subuh, it's prayer time now. I should sign-off. Offering a prayer is about expressing our servanthood and submitting our weaknesses and deficiencies as a mortal, lock, stock and barrel, to the Lord of Power.

May Allah have mercy on us weaklings.

Your, still weak, a writer and servant of Allah.
- E


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