Thursday, June 19, 2014

The difference between black and white is just that - one is black and the other is white


My oh my, this is another petty midnite rambling. But who cares, this is a free space, so let me ramble anyway. All my life I have always wanted a white kitchen so it pains me when it was misunderstood. The lesson is that we must have small but important points recorded in black and white so that no one mistakes 'white cupboards with black worktops' - with - 'black cupboards with white body', or whatever silly terms that can cause people to dispute. The fact remains: the difference between black and white is just that, one is black and the other is white.

We may argue about seemingly small things, but when it involves money, it is no petty issue. A purple color dollar note is not the same as the blue one. Though, we are grateful for both, all the same.

Anyway, on a lighter and happier note, I am looking forward to shooting an Eid video in my new kitchen (which is still now work in progress) and elsewhere in my Penang house, in sha Allah. In addition to writing, I am also keen on interior design, so one fine day when I have a shop on home decor, please do visit : )

O Allah, make us healthy and grant us the opportunity to see Shaaban through and then Ramadhan Kareem and then Eidul Fitr. Ameen, O Allah You are the Most Kind, the Most Kareem.

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