Sunday, June 29, 2014

Up the staircase | Ramadhan training


Allah...Allah...Allah....I am exhausted. It's Saturday, it's the eve of Ramadhan, here I am in my hometown after hours and hours of driving since 6.30 a.m. - driving around to sort out unfinished business regarding my Penang home refurbishment. It's tiring and stressful but it's a sweet problem, no doubt, Alhamdulillah. Must think of the desired outcome, that is the niyyat - to please my family and our would-be guests, inshaAllah - hoping that if we're able to do this, it's counted as things that could garner Allah's mercy, bi-iznillah.

Speaking of refurbishing work, thank god the hotel that we've just checked in, has just been upgraded and we are among the first batch of customers to enjoy its new look, so chic. We might even be the room's first occupant, Alhamdulillah indeed.

I was about to sit down when a call came in from, oh my god, Spain, just in time when this weary soul needed some boost. Thanks Aunt S! You are much appreciated! Because of you, I looked for whatever little remaining energy to craft this posting.

I just love this artwork in the room. It's a picture of a staircase. It reminds me of our struggle, it's like Ramadhan being a staircase for us to climb up and get closer to Allah. We might get tired every now and then as we embrace this sacred month, but luckily, as in every staircase, there's a landing area where we could stop and take a breather before climbing further.

Aunt S asked for some practice for this Ramadhan. That request from her, truly humbled me for I am no ustazah. I am a student myself. I am a struggling Muslim. But because she asked for it, I had to look around and I found this zikir posted on our much loved Habib Ali Zainal Abidin's website. So let us all lean on it, reflect and recite it. It reminds us of the only one thing that matters - that is Allah's forgiveness. We may have stumbled and fell and bruised, but it's okay, Ramadhan is here so we can pull ourselves up and push ourselves a little harder, forward and upward, towards our Creator, Allah azza wa jala, in whose hand lies mercy and rahmah, His hands, not Mr A, not Mrs B, not Miss C. It all goes back to Allah the Most Magnificent God. Allahu Akbar!

Ash hadu an laila haillallah
O Allah, I ask for heaven and I seek refuge from hell.
O Allah, You are the Essence that forgives;
forgive us, O the most generous Essence.
Credit: Darul Murtadza


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