Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Concretization of meaning


"Words are embodiment of states 
and concretization of meaning." 
- Shaykh Muhyiddin Ibn al-Arabi

A friend shared this amazing line with me today. 

The great thing about the great shuyukh is that they can state the obvious, yet in doing so, they make it sound so profound as they can take the meaning of their phrases to another level and stir up contemplation to unmask an even deeper meaning to it. That's why they are the shuyukh. Subhanallah.

To my simple and shallow mind, what it says is that our words are representative of our states. If we are happy, we speak of happy, positive things. If we are in a sorrowful state, our words would come out to reflect our sadness. Likewise, if we are overwhelmed by negative thoughts, we will talk about only the negatives. That's very natural. Our words are embodiment of our states.

And what we utter, what we say will make the meanings of what we say become concrete - that is concretization of meaning. That's like saying whatever word we mention is like a du'a that we hope it will materialize and become reality. Although Shaykh Ibn Arabi is saying it is more than just du'a or hoping. In fact, what we say will become concrete and will become reality. It's like the phrase: 'You are what you think.' But the shaykh is saying, your words will most definitely become reality. MashaAllah.

I believe those who have attained a lofty state on account of purification and attaining enlightenment, their words are like kun fayakun. Say be and it is. But of course they are the select of the select. They are creme de la creme. They are the chosen ones. They, I imagine, would not exploit their capabilities in the wrong way, regardless of them knowing their own capabilities or not. The difference between us and them is in the degree of yaqin (certainty). They are on the higher rung of certainty, perhaps haqqul yaqin.  Whereas we still hover on the lower rungs of certainty i.e. ilm yaqin and ainul yaqin.  

As a commoner we should heed the shaykh's advice. To enable ourselves to say only the good, we should strive in putting ourselves in a good positive state. And we must be careful with what we utter for what we utter might become reality, because according to the shaykh, it's a definite self-affirmation. Therefore, only utter good positive things if we want good positive things to manifest. Or to rephrase that: utter good things and good things will come to be.

Allahu a'lam.

Ramadan Kareem. May Allah continue to be more generous on us this Ramadan for that which is both zahir and batin. Ameen.

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