Saturday, July 12, 2014

Forever seeker


Alhamdulillah wa shukrulillah, my best-est buddy found a gem - an old book that's loaded with precious teachings of tasawwuf. We are very excited indeed. Let the title be a secret for now because we are thinking of re-publishing it bi-iznillah. May Allah help us and let us achieve that. Ameen.

Here are some excerpts for you, for what good is a blogger if she can't share some useful lessons. Not because she is so clever, but because she is loving and caring ;)

"Nothing is more binding upon you than to seek God. If you come home, seek Him. If you go to market, seek Him. If the Angel of Death come to you, take care not to neglect the Seeking. Tell him, "Do thou thy work, I do mine."

"If you be taken down to hell, you shall not neglect the seeking. Say to the Angel of Hell, "Strike my useless personality with the whip of chastisement. I on my part tread the Path of Seeking" so that the work may go on. If you are taken up to Heaven, do not look to the houris and palaces, but speed on the Way of Seeking. "Though they offer me both the worlds, I will not have them without Thy Presence."

"The first stage on the Path of Seeking is humility. The Great Ones say: "Humility is the messenger from God to man." Sown in the heart, it impels to God. Practised for some time, it turns into courage."

"Masters unanimously hold that, Love cannot put up, save with the courage of the disciple. Practised for some time, courage turns into seeking. This seeking is led by the formula 'There is no God but Allah'. The drum of seeking, proclaims at the gate of the Divine Sanctuary: He who seeks God, obtains Him."

In this seeking, each of us pilgrim has our own stage, according to our aspiration. We are supposed to keep our aspirations high and should not slack just because we are approaching 'retirement age'. We are told to seek knowledge right until the grave. So there is no age limit to becoming a student and a seeker, only time limit. But the book is saying we should keep seeking even in heaven or hell. Seeking would, perhaps, cease, when that which is seeked, is found. May Allah honor our face with the rewards of witnessing His countenance. Subhan is Allah.

May Allah keep our aspirations high for the longest time. Ameen.

Ramadan Kareem!


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