Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Great place | Great peeps


Alhamdulillah wa shukrulillah, good to be back in KL. It's a joy to be travelling back and forth two cool places - Penang and KL. My skin is still tingling from the hot island sun. Here are some pictures of that beautiful island in the sun - Pearl of the Orient.

To me blogging is all about impromptu sharing. Bloggers don't draft a post like one week in advance and edit a couple of times before clicking 'publish'. It's all about candid under-five-minutes writing.

Anyway peeps, here are my amateurish pix for you.
I used to catch this sunrise over the Penang Bridge
from all floors of my Penang home.
But not since they reclaimed the sea in front of the house.
According to Jeff Khor the photographer,
this almost perfect round sun and good lighting for the bridge
would show up only for two weeks in March.
That's Jeff Khor at his studio on Kinta Lane in Penang.
A very humble unassuming talent.
Am proud to hang three of his photos.
His team will do a stretcher for my 6 x 9 feet Kufi poster.
Great people produce great stuffs.
Another one by Jeff Khor.
Breadman on Beach Street, George Town - 2008
This is taken by Eza using Samsung Note, nothing fancy heh heh...
But it's all about the subject.
Free-spirited woman out and about on Penang Road.
Great place. Great peeps.
Very impressed with these middle aged artisan
fixing a window frame for my bedroom.
See that building in the background?
That's the culprit that blocks my view of sunrise over Penang Bridge.
I'm determined to buy another seafront property bi-iznillah.
My late grandfather was a fisherman,
so having a seafront home is my birth right.
God, help!

My mother's school - the oldest Malay school in Malaysia
was opened in 1826.
After 188 years, the school now has a completely brand new look. 

Alhamdulillah wa shukrulillah for a great hometown - the first town in Malaysia to achieve city status, as conferred by Queen Elizabeth II in 1957.

: D

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