Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Raya (Eid) with friends for life


Thank God for wonderful high school buddies and their lovely families. On my right is, Lingeswari from whom I learned plenty about Add Maths so that I went from 0/100 to 40/100 LOL. Also learned quite a bit of English. I remembered being so eager to visit her on Deepavali, walked to her house so early in the morning only to find out she's still not back from the temple. It was quite embarrassing. She is now blessed with three pretty daughters and a boy. Seated on the left is her mother whose idly and muruku (Indian delicacies) are simply world-class. Linges' mom studied Nursing in Brighton, UK in the '60s.     

On my left is Edda - good friends since we were 16. I remembered how we would chill after school to enjoy A&W Root Beer float at least 4 times a week. I am pretty sure she scored high marks for having cared for her ill parents until their last days. 

Next to Edda is Ozai - buddies from the same school. She and I would hound Linges on Maths - what else. Ozai is blessed with two good looking sons. MashaAllah.

We must thank our school friends for their tolerance, patience, support and understanding throughout the growing years because we were all naive, ignorant, intolerable and lacked of manners, weren't we?

Happy Eid from Penang, Malaysia!

Ezza & Edda
Friends for life

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