Thursday, July 10, 2014

Role model | Driving ambitions


Subhanallah, tonight, to my surprise, I discovered a person who has been doing the kind of work I dream of doing as successfully as he does. Wow!

When Max Samis, media rep for Unity Productions Foundation (UPF) wrote to inform of a new exciting docudrama on Noor Inayat Khan being an unsung heroine of the World War II, I noticed a familiar name - Michael Wolfe - who is Executive Producer of the film.

The name rings a bell, though regretfully a little late, because this was actually the same person who produced 'Muhammad Legacy of a Prophet' and 'Islamic Art: Mirror of the Invisible World' which had been mentioned on this blog before.

Then, it strikes me, this familiar name Michael Wolfe is the author of two books I have in my collection but never got the chance to read them properly. Am talking about The Hadj - An American's Pilgrimage to Mecca and One Thousand Roads to Mecca.

So just now I feverishly raid my bookshelves looking for it. Must read them a.s.a.p because there is an urgency to know more about this person who has already achieved all the things I'm dreaming about:

1. Perform Hajj and write about it as did Michael Wolfe. 
[I think it's appropriate that we address him as Haji Michael Wolfe.]

2. Become a publisher. 
[Haji Michael Wolfe is publisher for 15 years already.]

3. Write good poetry and publish them. 
[Haji Michael Wolfe has done it.]

4. Produce documentaries. 
[Haji Michael Wolfe who is co-founder of UPF, together with partner Alex Kronemer are maestro of documentaries.]

Tonight, I have become star-struck all of a sudden. It's surreal to suddenly bump into [albeit remotely] a role model. Yes, I must and I will read The Hadj to get to know this achiever better so that I will know what to ask him when it's time to interview him, InshaAllah.

UPF's newest film 'Enemy of the Reich: The Noor Inayat Khan Story' will premier on September 9 on American PBS channel. Below is the press release.  

Click on image to enlarge and read.

May Allah plant in our hearts noble ambitions and make us work solely for attaining His redha for the benefit of the ummah. Ameen.

Ramadan Kareem!

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