Monday, July 7, 2014

Run up to Eid festivities in Kuala Lumpur


Alhamdulillah wa shukrulillah that we are healthy and able to enjoy Allah's generous bounties. This posting is done with Aunty S of Spain in mind, to bring back her memories having lived some years in Kuala Lumpur. Also for Dr. N who could be missing out on Eid preps in KL.

Malaysia is indeed a colorful and bountiful country. To our foreign readers, remember 2014 is Visit Malaysia Year, so come on over : )

Eid decor at KLCC

Eid cookies sold at KLCC.
I personally loovvee... Eid cookies made/sold in Johor Bharu
(the southern-most city in Peninsula Malaysia).
Have to give it a miss this year.
Eid fiesta at Mid Valley Mall, KL
My Eid dress by Variante.
The label's designer is one humble Indian gentleman
who chose to name his work
after his father Mr. Varian.
Variante carries plenty of decent Muslimah dresses.
Bangsar Shopping Center decorated Turkish style
May you have a great bonding time
with your family as you shop for Eid!

In the meantime, let's reflect on this Ramadan advertisement by a local bank CIMB Islamic, which quotes a verse of the Qur'an.

"I am Ever-Forgiving to anyone who repents,
has faith, acts rightly, and then continues in guidance."
Surah TaHa 20:82

"Open your hearts and be guided by the right values.
Choose to forgive and also seek forgiveness.
Allow the ties that bind to strengthen and grow ever closer."

 "Mulia" is a Malay word for noble.
May Allah beautify us with noble characters.

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