Thursday, July 3, 2014

Small sharing | Small practice


Alhamdulillah wa shukrulillah. To quote a buddy of mine: "Ramadan nights are not for sleeping".

It is 3.47 a.m. and I'm snacking on sweet cherries, grapes and crisps courtesy of one sister in my office who might speed her way on the sirat because she simply loves giving food to people like every other day. I call her Ummul Ma'idah. May Allah bless all our friends who show us good examples. Ameen.

Thought I share with you this simple and important tips I heard from Ustaz Kazim Elias who is arguably the most popular and adored ustaz in Malaysia right now. So popular that even the King and the Queen love him. He said: "Being a [popular] preacher is not glamorous at all. There are people who dislike me and call me all kinds of names. So it was sweet to have one woman came up to me offering kind words of encouragement so that I would continue doing what I'm doing." Ustaz Kazim of course knows better of the challenges one would face, doing what he's doing. And he urged the audience to practise what he does after each solat. That is to recite verse 56 of Surah Hud.

"I place my trust in Allah, who is my Lord and your Lord. 
There is no creature but He holds it by the forelock.
Surely, my Lord is on a straight path."

Today, I learned this and that a roe is a deer. LOL. And it's Eurasian, wow! And doe is a female deer like the nursery rhymes sang by the other kids when I was little. Excuse me, I never went to kindergarten because my family could not afford it.

Praise be to Allah, who teaches us new things every day. Rabbi zidni 'ilma war zuqni fahma.

The occupant of this study room did not know at least two easy words:
mangrove and roe.
She is hoping someone would take her to the zoo, after Eid :)

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