Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Thought that counts | Post-teraweeh


Masjid Khalid Al-Walid, Kuala Lumpur
2nd Ramadan 1435 Hijri

Wonder what the scene is like during teraweeh at masjids on other continents. My thoughts roam to a few countries such as South Africa, Spain, UK. The picture above is so Malaysia, where both men and women just love wearing colorful clothing. We all know, in places like London and other western cities, people mostly stick to grey or black outfit. 

Was at another mosque last night but decided to "go back" to Masjid Khalid Al-Walid tonight. The congregation and the manner solah was performed was much more organized and smooth. Maybe because this masjid is managed by the armed forces. Maybe it's a barakah left by Habib Umar bin Hafiz who visited once before.

Unlike most masjid in KL, this masjid holds teraweeh for 8+3 rakaah only, instead of the longer version 20+3. For a novice like me eight is enough or my thoughts would start wandering far and wide after the 8th rakaat. No need to go beyond your capabilities, if you can't keep your thoughts with Him throughout. 

This is just another post-teraweeh rambling while enjoying brand-x juice and thinking of one of my guests who loves it because they don't have it in Singapore heh heh...It's the thought that counts eh? But this guest is pious and for pious people, Allah often grants even their trivial wish, just to please them. He left a majlis taalim in KL hoping to drink his fave drinks and came to my house, and there it was!

Sometimes we take for granted of the many favors Allah grant us just by keeping our thoughts with Him. Remember Him and He remembers you. The thought we have for Him counts and gets rewarded, sometimes instantly, we have all experienced that. Subhanallah.

Gosh, it's 12.13 a.m. yet I can't stop visiting the kitchen and opening the fridge LOL.

I know at this hour, one of our readers is performing his witir prayers. He's feeling energetic tonight, thanks to spirulina taken at iftar and sahur. Maybe we should give it a try.

I thought of posting this random rambling to cheer you up a bit, post-teraweeh. But then again, people usually feel upbeat post-teraweeh. 

Good thoughts always,

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