Friday, July 4, 2014

Written for you


You asked me to write;
This lonely scribe;
If there was love to shout;

How should we write?
of the things already written,
in the Tablet of our Lord;
Who holds us by the forelock,
made our hearts unite;
souls merged in unison;

You asked me to write;
This solitary scribe;
If there were lovely words to compose;

How should we write?
of the things already known,
In the night skies written;
In the moon's reflection;
that our love blossoms
against odds,
we count not;

Besides, what do we care,
for a Majnun like thee?
What sin is there,
for a Layla like me?
How can love ever be found guilty?
when it dwells above the law;
a divine gift it is
from the One sole giver

O the throb of my heart,
Our love is meant to stay afloat
never shall it be submerged,
forever and ever celebrated;
Written for you
in this blessed Ramadan;
as is the glorious sun.

- E

BKP: With this, thou may document all poems of Lisan al-Din into a book as wished. Thou have my permission bismillah.

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