Monday, September 29, 2014

Chasing target | Reflecting the bygones


Nothing but a midnite rambling, pardon me.
Nothing but a number of days, that's what we are.

Let's say our thanks whenever He invites us to a moment of nearness. Alhamdulillah. May He make us more taqarrub and humble each day.

I have just noticed something, that there is just 8 postings to go before reaching the 200 target set for the year. YaHu! For the record, I did reach the magic number last year, but some postings had been taken down. There's no need to mention why but generally speaking there is no need for us to give space to pretenders/liars. If you are 50 something and born a certain race with black eyes, why do you have to lie to people saying you are 30 something Caucasian with grey eyes. LOL. I guess Allah loves us so He sends weird characters to test us.

Yes, there's 8 postings to go before we hit the minimum target of 200 postings. So then I can put my feet up and seclude myself. No can't do.

Watched a video about Fatima al-Fihri yesterday, 
the speaker said, Fatima al-Fihri was an educated, pious and rich young woman. She didn't choose to put her feet up or go on a yacht, partying [LOL]. She was not like most girls these days who only care about looking good and feeling good. She had a vision. In her mind, she was busy thinking about her community and giving them what they didn't have at that time, using the wealth she inherited from her late father. Her action/decision, according to the speaker, was like an engine that spurred not only Muslim communities in the region but also non-Muslims in Europe. Because of her, Muhammad al-Idris could study at Al-Qarawiyyin and because of a remarkable graduate like Muhammad al-Idris who produced world maps, nations/countries like Spain and Portugal were able to venture out to other parts of the world using his maps during the Age of Discovery.

The inventor of zero/decimal numeral system using Arabic numerals was also a graduate of Al-Qarawiyyin. Great stuffs there, all thanks to a visionary and very generous young woman. What about us? Do we waste time, ours and that of other people with our nonsensical behavior? To quote a reader who sent me some words of encouragement: "Let's flush the negative."

The person who sent me this postcard as a new year greeting in Jan this year is about to leave for hajj. I love her for the sake of Allah. When some people heard the news that she was going for hajj, they said: "What? You're kidding me?" - just because this person is who she is outwardly. But I believe, Allah kids not His chosen servant. He looks at a person's heart, He guides and makes successful whomever He chooses.

Pray this friend of mine will be blessed with hajj mabrur. Am happy thinking there will be someone who would say a prayer for me at Arafah this year, InshaAllah.

May Allah make us a place of tajalli (a receptacle) of His great bounties. Ameen.


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