Sunday, September 21, 2014

Great weather | Weathered good


YaHu..... looks like it's going to rain very soon : D

KL - 20 Sept 2014
11 a.m.

Remember that words of reminder from Ustaz Don? That you better rejoice when it rains, better be in sync with Surah Rum: 48 - about people who rejoice when it rains.

Alhamdulillah, we are among those who love great weather - both rain or shine. Just that when it gets too hot, there's a high probability of getting a bad headache. But the weather is not to be blamed. Should blame the head LOL.

Now who is not seasoned by exposure to the weather of life? Being weathered by life is good. That means you are alive and kicking. That means you get wiser by the day.

That can only mean you are "weathered" good like a beautiful piece of leather. So rejoice, come rain or shine.


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