Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Happy Malaysia Day | Northbound


Alhamdulillah wa shukrulillah. Happy indeed to be a Malaysian. We can drive some 400 km up north and get away from the hustle bustle of KL to laidback Perlis, the northern-most state in Peninsula Malaysia before one enters Thailand.

For the benefit of our foreign readers, today the 16th of September is 'Malaysia Day', so it is holi-holi-day for us here.

The best part about travelling is that one gets to meet interesting and inspiring people. I met Su, a 20 year old Chinese girl, who reverted to Islam during last Ramadhan. She is the eldest of two. Since she was 7 she became close friend with a Malay girl in school. Today more than a decade later she lives with her friend's grandma from whom she could learn more about Islam. Su had been wanting to embrace Islam for a long time but she kept procrastinating until another close friend of hers, a Muslim, passed away. Two nights after the girl died, Su had a bad dream. She saw how terrible the punishments in the grave could be. In the dream, she stood in fear witnessing some terrifying actions of one large figure who turned at her saying, 'Do not delay any more!' Su understood it very clearly and immediately accepted Islam with the help of her buddies. Three months have passed and this is what I saw on her whatsapp profile: "New life makes me happy." Let's pray Su will get through college life successfully and blossom into a good Muslim lady.

The other best part about travelling in and around Malaysia is that you get to discover marvellous street food everywhere. 

Sweet corn in Perlis
Kuala Perlis by the sea - the place to have cheap fresh seafood
Thank God it was chilly.
 Perlis is otherwise a very very hot place!
'Malaysia Day' relay along the highway.
Thank God for a peaceful and prosperous country!

Happy holidays [whatever that's left].

- Blogging on the run @ Paragon Penang.

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