Saturday, September 13, 2014

Qad Kafani 'Ilmu Rabbi | My Lord's Knowledge Suffices Me


Alhamdulillah wa shukrulillah, for beautiful moments. We should consider ourself lucky if tears fell like rain on realizing our incapacity, of our dire needs for Him. It's a gift to be given such intimate feelings with the Lord.

Having attended the Majlis Haul of Imam Al-Haddad in KL last weekend and having heard a very beautiful rendition of this poem at the majlis, I thought this clip ought to be here as a much needed reminder.

My Lord's knowledge is enough for me 
from asking or choosing
for my supplication and my begging 
attest to my neediness
By this secret I supplicate 
in times of ease and in times of difficulty...

Being grateful for moment of nearness.
Hoping He would grant more.
Believing His promises are all so true.
The ever merciful God, our protector,
the most reliable Giver.

O my Lord, my King
You know the state I am in
And what has overwhelmed my heart
with distress and preoccupations
Acknowledge me with a kindness from You
O Lord of Lords
O countenance of generosity
save me, before my patience is exhausted...

Indeed, my Lord's knowledge suffices me.

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