Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Spy | Unauthorized agent


"And do not spy..." - Quran 49:12

Shaykh Ibn Atha'illah as-Sakandari says:
'A person who learns of people's secrets and does not have heavenly mercy on them, brings upon himself a great danger and disaster.'

And Dr. Jasser Auda says:
[This is the 5th posting in which I am quoting from his book, pardon me.]
Firstly: 'One should not feel that he is authorized by God to act as a judge or have any illusion that he is on a great mission to establish justice based on the secrets he came to know.' So people, refrain from becoming an unauthorized agent.

Secondly, one must have heavenly mercy. 'A person who does not have mercy on people after learning about their faults, risks falling into tyranny, arrogance, conceit, envy and suspicion. All these traits are dangerous and destructive and are punishable both in this world and the world to come.'

'The original situation is: do not spy...Otherwise, he will be journeying backward not forward to God.'

A Journey to God - Reflections on the Hikam of Ibn Ata'illah by Dr Jasser Auda/Awakening Publications.

Ahah! Someone hired a spy and threatened to reveal my private pix! Allah knows best! In God, I trust. In God I seek refuge and from Him I ask for forgiveness. 
Unauthorized agents are themselves subject to Allah's reckoning. Yet they have the nerve to say: 'I know everything. You think I didn't know this and that...'  They rely on their spy/bomoh who could be giving inaccurate info, still they feel good thinking they "know everything" LOL

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