Monday, September 8, 2014

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Hmm...this is dated Monday, but it's written on a Sunday afternoon, so it's just another Sunday rambling. Can't help but reminisce the wonderful time spent last weekend in Hong Kong.

Pardon me, I have got quite lengthy notes from Shaykh Ninowy's talks on my desk which I am yet to post. But for now let's just chill and ramble for a while. OK, folks?

Time is of the essence people say. Time is He. He who gives all things good and not so good, in our perspective that is, because all things are by default good, because nothing escapes His grand brilliant plan.

Speaking of time, one of the must buy items in HK has got to be watches y'all. I am not a watch person really but HK has converted me in a way.

Till then, wish y'all a fanta-bulous time!

Thank God for His gifts.
 Thank God for happy times.

Pray Allah grant me tawfiq to digest Shaykh Ninowy's lessons and share with you soon. InshaAllah.

At the Majlis Haul for Imam Al-Haddad at Shah Alam state mosque on Saturday evening, Shaykh Ninowy ended his profound tausiyah saying:
"Look for the spiritual ants in your life 
that are robbing you 
from your time 
and iman."


Pray, next trip will be towards South Africa. And then Spain. Ameen
: D

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