Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Tiling up one's life


Because I am feeling upbeat and motivated having met my IT teacher for afternoon tea, I have actually reproduced the pattern of the tiles at Al-Qarawiyyin mosque using Power Point below. LOL.

No the meeting had nothing to do with Power Point or tiling work for house renovation whatsoever. You know that's why (I think it's from a hadith, correct me if I am wrong) it's said that all the angels, ants and fish in the sea all make du'a for anyone who teaches someone a good thing. Teachers are selfless and generous, they would give free coaching and motivation just so that you would do well in whatever you intend to do. God bless each and everyone in our lives who has taught us something useful. 

Life is like putting one tile after another. It's like a random tile-work, you may have some idea on what pattern you want to achieve but in reality you tend to deviate somehow and just place one tile at a time using whatever that comes to hand. By right, depending on how strong your faith is, no matter what stocks you have got, you would want to use certain colors and avoid others. All this whilst knowing that in the end, whatever that is decreed - the divine intended pattern will appear as it should be. All you could do is stand up to see the eventual outcome. And learn to appreciate it.

 I hope this makes sense.

Another point to note, don't go chasing waterfalls.
Allahu a'lam.

Deliciously fruitful meeting with my teacher.

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