Thursday, October 30, 2014

Ba | Another brilliant book by Light of Eminence


Alhamdulillah wa shukrulillah. The Almighty Provider just know when to send us glad tidings and bounties. He gives at the right time, all the time. Been feeling spiritually deprived and unsettled about my fluctuating states, then I saw this para by chance at lunchtime today:

"O young man! Attach yourself to knowledge regardless of any spiritual state that occurs in you, because it will remain your companion when your spiritual states fade. God has said, And those who are firmly rooted in knowledge say: We believe in it, it is all from our Lord; and none pay heed except those having understanding. [From Spiritual Teachings of the Prophet by Tayeb Chourief. Translated by Edin Q. Lohja. Published by Fons Vitae.]

And then, I was blessed to have had an impromptu meeting with an ardent seeker of knowledge who brought with him a gift from another brother. MashaAllah, I am shy and humbled that they want to associate themselves with me. 

The gift was a very good book published by Light of Eminence of Singapore. Now, how often do you receive a present from the publisher itself?

A gift from Sidi Khalid of Singapore
via Akhi Wan Fahmy.
May God continue to bless and elevate them
for they have husnul zan towards this weak and forever erring faqir.

It was amazing to read on the first page of the first chapter how Shaykh Tidiane Ali Cisse describes the letter Ba.

The letter Ba is commonly known to contain Bismilahirahmanirahim with Surah Al-Fatihah encapsulated in Bismilahirahmanirahim.

Shaykh Tidiane defines ba as "out of which was what was and out of which is what is until the Day of Gathering." That is a super loaded definition indeed which emphasizes Ba as a heavyweight letter.

"All praise belongs to Allah, who engendered fraternity between the souls before the appearance of bodies. We have learned from the words of Allah's Prophet that the souls (arwah) are like soldiers standing in rank. Those who knew each other before, feel affinity in this realm and those who do not, have differences. Allah the Most High said, "And when your Lord took the children of Adam from their loins, their descendants and made them testify, [saying to them], 'Am I not Your Lord?' And they said, 'Yes indeed! (Bala)' So they responded with the letter ba, out of which was what was and out of which is what is until the Day of Gathering."
- Shaykh Tidiane Ali Cisse


So it's normal to have differences with certain people and to feel affinity with others. To all the "soldiers" who stood in the same rank as I did in the realm of spirits, know that you are much appreciated and much loved.
: )
Thank you!


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