Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Beauty is in the details


I completely dislike the saying "The d_v_l is in the details" because it's apparent that beauty, in fact, is in the details. Not some ugly beings.

Today is Deepavali day and as Malaysians, we are lucky that we get to see beautiful kolam everywhere. Kolam refers to the painting on the floor in which vibrant colors of rice is used to draw pretty patterns and intricate motifs. It takes a huge amount of patience and big talent to create one. The doer must have an eye for detail and as in everything else, beauty is in the details. 

I met a young talent a few days back. She, to me, is a master of details as she strives for perfection in every stroke of her art. So I learned from her that details such as a shadow and wrinkle must be at the right place with the right shading. And mind you, she draws using a mouse, not a pen/brush. I think only beautiful people would fuss about beautiful work.   

Similarly, we are to remember people's names in detail, with the correct spelling. If for example Mrs Puteh is spelled with an e, it would be impolite to spell it with an i. We must take the trouble to remember details out of respect for a person because a person's name is sacred almost. That's why people say, a person's name is the sweetest sound to him/her. So we better not mess up the spelling of people's names especially our nearest and dearest. And that include our superiors. I learned that in an embarrassing way, once early in my career when I got the spelling of my bosses' names wrong. LOL. But that's not as bad as to wrongly spell your bf'/gf/spouse's name. If you still remember the spelling of a person's name despite the years that have gone by, that shows how much you appreciate him/her.

Beauty is in the details, indeed. And we all know that Allah is beautiful and He loves beauty. 

Love, too, is in the details : )

Wishing our Hindu friends a Happy Deepavali or Happy Diwali.

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