Sunday, October 12, 2014

Seeing the best in others


It is one important thing I need to work harder at, I must! That is: seeing only the best in people. Sometimes it's difficult when it comes to people who are close to you. People whom you would get super sensitive about simply because they are special to you. I know that sounds paradoxical. But that's the problem. 

To be able to do that, we, I, need to have a lot more compassion. We need to have more rahmah. That's what Shaykh al-Ninowy tried to hammer onto the audience's heart and mind during his talk in KL last month. And amongst the audience, I was the most critical patient.

Should re-read it over and over.

And when I saw this beautiful picture on Sidi Allie's FB, I almost cried because I could feel Sidi Uthman's genuine love and compassion, just from the picture, mashaAllah! Some people are really blessed!

"Some people are blessed with seeing only the best in others. The Prophet Muhammad pbuh is the perfect human being which means that the flaws, faults, and blemishes of all were as clear and apparent to him as daylight, yet he surpassed all at covering these faults. Uthman (the gentleman) embracing me in the photo is one such human being who sees the best in people. He is currently on Hajj and I pray that he returns safely so that we may benefit from his noble attributes many years to come."
- Shaykh Allie Khalfe

Gotta sit down and learn more about compassion and seeing only the best in others. 

As I sit to do that, how can I not be thankful for the person 
who went through the trouble of getting me this exact chair. 
This and a dozen more things. 
Because every little thing is a big deal, 
we should never take for granted of the wonderful people in our lives. 
May Allah bless them abundantly. 
May we be forgiven 
for not showing them enough appreciation.

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