Thursday, October 23, 2014

Simple essence of humility


Sometimes even a plain sentence from unexpected books could inspire us more than anything. Somewhere out there lies a string of magical words that could untie a mental knot or lift up a somber mood. 

Everyday, we await for inspiring moments, because inspirations are food for the soul. And more often than not having a cup of tea is like a catalyst for embracing inspiring moments. Many of us would agree with Susan Chodakiewitz that "tea has a magical way of unlocking the imagination." Susan is author of a children adventure book Master Davey and The Magic Tea House - a book published in partnership with The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. Bought the book at the Coffee Bean, believe it or not.

The book is about Master Davey who owns the Magic Tea House. A boy named Hopper Smith is the only customer who believes in him and the magical wonders of tea. The boy is to be entrusted as a keeper of a precious tea. One day while searching for the lost seeds of the Blue Tiger Tea tree, he was asked to choose from three mountains which conceals the ancient tea tree. One of them is made of gold, the other silver and the third one is plain brown. He then remembered what Master Davey had told him: "Tea leaves appear humble. But their magic lies in their essence."
So he chose the plain brown mountain and he was right!

It makes me think. Tea leaves are indeed humble. They all look the same. There's no need for them to try to differentiate themselves outwardly. Yet their worth comes out very strong from their essence. They are ok about compromising/losing their identity and letting their essence shines through. It's never about physical look, it's about what's inside, it's about what's within, it's all about one's essence.

It's always good to be humble, unassuming and let the essence speaks for itself.

Someone went to South Africa and all I got was Rooibos Chai tea. Or should I rephrase that in a more positive tone, cos I asked for it. :)

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