Friday, October 24, 2014

Welcoming the new hijri year 1436H


Alhamdulillah that we were able to attend a majlis to observe the eve of the new hijri year. At the Penang State mosque today, the guest speaker elucidated some key points in relation to the new year prayer. He said we should be grateful to be among Allah's guest at His mosque on this auspicious occasion. Indeed, if Allah had not guided our feet, we would have wandered idly elsewhere. He said to do more than just utter the word hijrah on the tongue, we should realize the meaning of hijrah.

In the prayer that is recited right after maghrib of the new year, we acknowledge the coming of a new year and we seek Allah's protection from shayatin and its accomplice and the vice resulting from our own nafs. That we would busy ourselves with deeds that could bring us close to the Creator.

Quoting a kitab, the ustaz said we should observe these recommended acts in our day to day living, that we should repent, check ourselves (muhasabah) and mujahadah - that is to undertake jihad, not just any jihad but one that is permissible. Jihad would only become obligatory upon a nation/community if it is under direct attack by the enemies so that people can no longer practice Islam or their faith (aqidah) gets challenged. To murder our fellow Muslim brothers/sisters is not considered a jihad.

In relation to hijrah, the ustaz urged the audience to engage in jihad in the education field. That each Muslim should strive to master a specific field of studies. That there should be one child in a family who obtains a PhD. That children should strive to get straight As on paper and also A in performing ibadah. That professionals should be busy at work during the day and at night busy themselves at mosques on matters pertaining to the religion and community.

We should also perform jihad in correcting any misconceptions concerning the religion. The other form of jihad that we should get ourselves involved more actively is in spending our wealth to support the Muslim communities. The ustaz quoted al-Qardhawi who is of the view that Muslims in this modern days can only afford to do 4 out of the 5 pillars required. Many fail to contribute zakat. We have to have property/wealth for us to be in a position to give away any zakat. Which is so true. How can one give away zakat on gold if one did not have enough/a surplus of gold? And the same goes for zakat on business. For a person to qualify or be eligible to give zakat on business earnings, the person must first have a successful business. But we are lacking in this department.

The ustaz ended his tausiyah by reminding the audience to strive harder in observing the commandments; to fight against one's own foul desire and to occupy ourselves with activities that could take us closer to Allah.


Wishing you a good year ahead, one which is better than that which has just passed. Another year has gone.

[It's my fault that I did not catch the ustaz's name. Hopefully, key messages have been correctly captured.]

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