Monday, October 13, 2014

What did you do today? | Serving a term

Bismillah. forgetful are we? Tried to recall the things I did today but struggled when it came to the fourth item. 

1. Changed the bed sheets.
2. Wrote a posting.
3. Whatsapping

Astaghfirullah....yet "He knows whatever you do by day!"
Surely His reckoning is in far greater detail. Subhanallah.

Came across this eye opening ayah in The Jewels of the Quran - Al Ghazali's Theory [Kitab Jawahir Al-Quran]. So I learned for the first time that there are 763 verses considered as jewels of the Qur'an and this verse which succinctly and strikingly describes how the Almighty controls our simple day-to-day living is one of the jewels.

He it is Who takes your souls into custody by night
and knows whatever you do by day;
then He raises you up during the day
that a term that has been appointed 
may be completed;
then to Him is your return;
then He will inform you of that which you used to do.
- Qur'an 6:60 

"He knows whatever you do by day."

What did you do today?

Surely you are better than me, you may recall perhaps a dozen good things you did today. 
Whatever it is, we are all serving a term.
Pray Allah grant us a good end to the term.

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