Saturday, November 1, 2014

Can touch this


Subhanallah, this is truly a best-buy item. I went to the International Islamic Book Expo today looking for a pocket-sized Qur'an and found this to be just the right size I wanted. Got the shock of my life at the till when the cashier mentioned the price. It costs only RM 16 [Malaysian Ringgit]. That's like a little under USD $5 or 3 Quid. OMG!

This RM 16 super precious item could save me for eternity. Not the RM 39.90 H&M tops which many would think are dirt cheap and definitely a must-buy. I've got plenty of them in my closet.

This RM 16 super precious book, I should touch more often. It's something we can touch so easily. May Allah give us the strength to touch it regularly.

Alhamdulillah for His generous bounties today. I have a feeling it's partly due to a du'a of a stranger I got to know when I was on umrah in 2007. It's been quite a while since I last contacted him and yet he still remembers me. MashaAllah

Do you know anyone who works on paddy fields? I do! This friend of mine is a retired Oil Palm Estate Manager who now grows his own paddy in Perlis. He said, as a matter of fact, "It's a tough physical job but my mind is a lot more peaceful now." It's a noble profession indeed I replied, for I am still an employee, struggling to become an independent employer.

It's true that if Allah wants us to do something, He will prepare us for it. And we must be willing to dirty our hands, in the right way.

It's wonderful to know one Professor and one paddy grower in Perlis. What a contrast. Perlis is the northern-most state in Peninsula Malaysia.

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