Tuesday, November 25, 2014

"Mention Allah" - Shaykh Mouhamadou Mahy Cisse in Kuala Lumpur


Shaykh Mahy Cisse
KL - 24 Nov 2014

Alhamdulillah wa shukrulillah, we were able to attend a majlis graced by the honorable Shaykh Mouhamadou Mahy Cisse at the residence of the Senegal's Ambassador to Malaysia. 

Shaykh Mahy is the grandson of Shaykh Ibrahim Niass (1900 - 1975) who was a major leader of the Tijani Tariqa in West Africa. The Tijani Tariqa was founded by Sidi Ahmad Tijani (1737 - 1815). Shaykh Mahy's elder brother Shaykh Ahmad Tijani Cisse (or Tidiane Cisse) is the current leader of the tariqa which is based in Senegal, West Africa.

Having sat in his majlis last night, Shaykh Mahy, in my opinion, appeared as a self-less soul, literally. It was almost visible that he was an 'annihilated being', if you will. It was as if he was present with the crowd, yet he's in a private seclusion at the same time.

He gave a short and profound tausiyah. The key message was that we must mention Allah as often as possible and that it should not be limited to a formal sit-down zikr session. Just mention Him anytime, anywhere because mentioning Him means we remember Him. And the best of remembrance (zikr) is to say la ilaha illAllah.

Shaykh Mahy is scheduled to be in Singapore from 25th Nov until 4th Dec. For more information on his majlis in Singapore, you may contact Brother Khalid Ajmain, the organizer of the Sacred Path of Love annual event who is also the Tijani Tariqa's muqaddam for Singapore, InShaAllah.

Sacred Path of Love
27 - 28 Dec 2014

p/s It's unfortunate that the audio quality wasn't so good from where I was seated. If it was, I would have written a proper posting on Shaykh Mahy's tausiyah.

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