Monday, December 8, 2014

Bagged a prize | Habib Umar's book | His Will


You might have noticed there had been several postings related to al-Habib Umar bin Hafiz lately. Someone noticed it and appreciated it, hence presented me with a book by Habib Umar - The Clarification of Noble Character

How cool is that? Alhamdulillah wa shukrulillah. For having shown a bit of dedication on posting notes from Habib Umar's majalis during his recent South East Asia tour, I have bagged a precious book, by His decree. Ya Hu!

Below are two quotes from Lesson 7 on magnanimity:

"People must realize the underlying truth that the universe runs according to a will other than theirs, by a decree other than theirs and by a plan other than theirs. Instead it runs according to the decree of Allah. If they understand this, believe it and actualise it, it becomes firmly planted within them that whenever something happens, it is from the decree of Allah and nothing will be, except what He wills. It has been related in an authenticated hadith: 'What Allah wills come to pass, and what He does not will, does not come to pass.' 

Reading this para alone makes you feel liberated. No need to be so stressed out. No need to be a control freak. No need to be a hoarder. No need to hire a spy, etcetera.


"A knower of Allah was once asked, How did you come to know your Lord? He replied: 'Through the failure of my plans. I prepare for something, focus my energy and attention upon it and then it is not decreed and does not happen. Meanwhile there are other things that never cross my mind and without me realizing they occur and become reality. Through this I understand that there is planning other than our planning and power other than our power."

*** happy with His plans. I'm pretty sure, you are too : )

"Man is a slave, not a Lord."

Publisher credit: Dar al Turath al-Islami
Thank you MJB - kol sana wenta tayeb.


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