Friday, December 5, 2014

Footprints | Imprints


It's a beautiful Friday. Alhamdulillah.

We all have a footprint to leave here. 
You get to decide and imprint 
your own beautiful design 
on this world.

That's Dawn Hafner's concluding points in his article:
'5 Quotes From Bill Gates That Will Teach You Valuable Life Lessons'
1. Focus  
2. Feed your mind  
3. Discipline - "Don't let yourself lulled into inaction" - Bill Gates
4. Be yourself 
5. Give back  

Footprints on a spiritual island
off the coast of Melaka, Malaysia.
Because the great saintly people of the past
have left their significant imprints here
hundreds of years ago,
people still flock to this island
in search of inspirations.
What's so great about our footprints?
What good shall we leave behind? 

Yes, we get to decide and imprint our own beautiful design on this world. It's about consciously carrying out actions that are worthwhile, just because it's simply worthwhile. Not because we want or need people to validate us, never. 

Alhamdulillah for awakening moments and a meaningful life, so far.

Let's all be grateful and ask Him for more because His gifts are limitless.  

Subhan is Allah. Subhanallah.

Juma'ah Mubarrak.

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