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Friday khutbah by Habib Umar bin Hafiz at Masjid As-Syakirin - KL 28 Nov 2014


Habib Umar bin Hafiz was the guest khatib at Masjid As-Syakirin last Friday, 28 Nov 2014. The mosque is located within the gardens of Kuala Lumpur City Center (KLCC), Malaysia. 

The respectable habib delivered the Friday sermons in Arabic. At the conclusion of the Friday prayers, Habib Ali Zainal Abidin interpreted his guru's khutbah into Malay. A friend of mine made an audio record of the session. Below is my sketchy notes of the recording.

Habib Umar began his khutbah with syahadah and salutations to the Prophet salallah alaihi wasalam. He said: "I call upon you to observe taqwa in private and in public; in your speech and actions; when you are at home and when you are travelling. Be sure to have taqwa wherever you are. Verily, this is a sign of your iman which could save you from dunya and take you to the heavens. Allah has created various levels of both the heavens and hell. Which level we are entitled to depends on how we spend our age. The time/age allotted to each one of us, will neither increase nor decrease. Our age will determine our position in dunya and akhirah. Allah says in the Qur'an about the time of death which He has firmly appointed, it will neither be delayed nor brought forward. Whoever wishes for dunya may seek it and whoever wishes for rewards in the hereafter shall be granted, more so for those who are grateful."

"We must occupy our time with performing the obligatory and refrain ourselves from the forbidden. This applies to acts which are permissible or mubah. If you were to make a good intention when you do a mubah action, you would be rewarded, but if you don't make a good intention out of it, you get nothing. For example eating. You would surely be rewarded if you eat while appreciating the blessings of Allah, that is to eat with taqwa, reflecting on the simple joy of eating. A person who says bismillah before eating is not the same as one who does not say bismillah. Allah loves those who eat and praise Him and then praise Him again after eating. It's that easy to get His love. Those who eat without saying bismillah and without feeling grateful for the food, they are like animals. The believers will take advantage of mubah deeds and reap more rewards from Allah. Those who have iman and have a big ambition and aim towards Allah, they are not comparable to the animals. A good example may be drawn from Prophet Ibrahim who says: "He [Allah] who gives me food and gives me drink."
"On average, a man/woman lives up to the age of 60 or 70. Very few people live beyond that. Majority of the jemaah present in this congregation is below 60 years old. Take advantage of your age because death awaits each one of us. Many of those who have reached old age are regretful, wishing they could go back to the time when they are capable of doing more ibadah. Allah hides the time of our death. We know not on which land we shall die. It is strange how people prepare themselves for a good future in dunya while knowing that it does not last, yet they don't prepare for their future in akhirah which is everlasting. Now which is more profitable, your future in this dunya or your future in akhirah? At the time of death, those who focus on dunya would wish so that their lives could be spared. But who can make one's ruh return to the body? None, except Allah."

"There will be three groups of people in akhirah: the muqarabin who would occupy a lofty place; the ashabul yamin (people of the right hand) who will be saved and thirdly, the infidels who are  destined for hell. This is haqqul yaqin. This will take place for certain. Allah says so. It's not a word of a politician or some organization. Therefore, take advantage of your age. Don't be deceived by your lower nafs/desires and fantasies. The believers would be wary of their fate in akhirah. The believers will be given hidayah. No one knows when or where he will die. Be sure to understand this reality." 

[In the second part of the khutbah, Habib Umar said:]

"Be conscious of your breathing and use it to gain a bountiful reward. Spend it to make the earth prosperous and to live a good life. Whoever does a good deed, will be given a good life. The unbelievers, the fasiq and those who transgressed, even if they live a life devoid of sickness or problems, they are in reality living a deprived life. They are lacking in spiritual provisions. They are in fact hungry and thirsty for they are deprived of spiritual food. They break ties, they mistreat their parents, they harm others, hence they will be punished. Be prepared and be afraid of Allah's judgment. Those who are steadfast in their servitude towards Allah, they will be given His guidance, blessings and mercy. They truly have taqwa. Therefore, spend your life wisely in worship of Allah. Allah has created this earth for His righteous servants. Even the good among us will be remorseful at death, what more those who err? Observe taqwa in your every move, your clothing, your food, your sleep, by making a good intention, so that your work, clothing, eating and sleep, all would garner a good reward from Allah."

Pic credit: Majlis Ta'lim Darul Murtadza FB
Audio credit: MSA

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