Sunday, January 25, 2015

A night's reflection | Spanish dreams


It's 10.40 pm Sunday. All of a sudden, I realized I missed my own blog. So many things have been keeping me away from this space - plans, ongoing, outstanding and future projects - all these occupying the mind and time. All good things take time, we all know that. 

I had been watching a documentary on the Great Mosque of Granada in the southern part of Spain. MashaAllah. It took them 20 over years to build it. Imagine the hasanah they have had through those years. One thing for sure God wanted to give them a 20-years worth of reward which is of course not the same as 2 years. But the real sad truth is that the Spanish Muslims have had to wait for 500 years before the azan fills the air again. The Great Mosque of Granada was opened in 2003, that is 500 years after Islam's 'good old days' in Andalusia. Allah works in wondrous ways.

It's both interesting and sorrowful in a way that the Great Mosque of Granada has a public garden overlooking the grand Alhambra. It must feel bitter sweet for a Muslim to be standing there, looking out at Alhambra and think of the past glories. Lisan al-Din al-Khatib was a poet, writer, historian, philosopher, physician and politician from Al-Andalus. He was born near Granada. Some of his poems decorate the walls of Alhambra.  

Speaking of Spain, personally, I am reminded of a Muslim family, a friend living in Barcelona. Let's pray our Muslim brothers and sisters in Spain, be they in the south or north, pray they would be able to practise their faith freely and positively "engrave" their skills and talents, onto their community, as did Lisan al-Din al-Khatib. 

Let a night's reflection carries you to a brighter day tomorrow

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