Saturday, January 17, 2015

Allah knows better


Thank you Sis N for this.....

I guess the above is a fitting response to one of many text messages I received today from one bitter woman. This was the person who came to my house uninvited, opened the gate herself and lied to my mother. She did that during last Eid, in the presence of her two daughters and one son-in-law. In one of the messages (pic below), she said: I should not be a hypocrite and hide behind my pious blog. That she will expose my secrets soon.

It's obvious that she thinks she is holier. She has been trying very hard to be judge, jury and executioner, maybe because she is afraid of losing her "happiness", somehow. But wise man says: "Happiness does not depend on what happens outside but it depends on what happens inside you because happiness is essentially within."

She once called this blog "stupid" yet she is still reading it.
I think instead of wasting her time reading this "stupid" blog,
spying on people, she should go take care of her husband
and not blame others if he escapes.

Series of nonsense coming
from this 54 year old daughter-in-law
of the late Tan Sri Prof Ahmad Ibrahim.

Anyway, I think people would appreciate these words of wisdom:

"When you perceive things are going bad, 
remember Allah does not do injustice;
merely wisdom that we know nothing about."

So we better learn to accept His Decree, patiently.

Allah hu'alam.

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