Monday, January 26, 2015

No such thing as a solo performance


Feeling super good today Alhamdulillah wa shukrulillah because on a personal level, a couple of cool things have been accomplished. Must proclaim one's gratitude over and over again.

Habib Hassan bin Muhammad al-Attas in his book 'Travel Notes of an Abid' said we must be grateful even for seemingly small things like being able to perform Subuh prayers. He said, one must say 'Alhamdulillah I am able to pray Subuh today' just so that Allah will give more tawfiq (strength) the next day.
Anyway, have you managed to memorize the new salawat taught by Habib Umar bin Hafiz? I have! YaHu! So how many 'extended version' salawat do you know? Heh heh...I am super happy with the few that I have learned. May we learn more. Thanks to Muwasala for making the shaykh's teachings accessible to non-Arabic readers.

There's a good article on Lifehack I read a few months back. The writer says we should realize and acknowledge that nothing we have achieved of value has been a solo performance. Someone must have helped us along the way. Someone must have given a good pep talk, said something inspiring to instill confidence in us, give us wings to soar or even an opportunity to fail. Someone must have taught us something. Someone must have made a prayer.  

Therefore, when we are in a position to help others in any way, even it be for a brief period of time, we should reach out to offer whatever little help we can. Every smile, every heartfelt thought, every little good things we do will come back to us, multiplied in strength. Yes, life is good. Allah Karim!

Likewise this space. It has never been a solo performance. Because many aspects of life have been taken care of by the wonderful people around me, I could have some spare time to write. When Allah facilitates something for us, that simply means He wants us to do it. Remember that talk/posting on four levels of ikhlas by Shaykh Al-Ninowy? We do, then forget about what we have done, then see it as His actions and not ours, and then see not His actions but see Him instead.  

I guess the best thing about being a not-so-smart blogger like me [one who merely regurgitates what she hears/reads] is that I often forget what I have posted yesterday LOL. 

And, this is another daily affirmation of mine:
'All things seen and unseen are working for my good.'
Why not?
Because there is no such thing as a solo performance ; )

Wish y'all a fabulous week.

The Lifehack article I was referring to:

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  1. I recomend you sister to take hadits musalsal for read surat yasin and al mulk