Monday, February 2, 2015

Ah! Fabulous Feb


Thisss... is Feb rambling, O people!
It's hard not to be in good mood when writing from my Penang home. Alhamdulillah.

First thing first, what's fabulous about Feb is that we discovered that superb publication on the Prophet's 805 names. Who would have thought he [pbuh] had so many names! Who knew? 

Ahh... the flowers are still pretty and fresh, yet we have to leave so soon.
Ahh...the idea for a hanging bookshelf to hide some odd AC wiring, turned out well.

Ahh...many learned men say "Ah" is the zikir for those who have attained makrifah level. Allahu'alam. But from a laymen's perspective, me thinks it makes sense because when you have come to know something so well, you'd say Ah! 

Is it not? Ah! LOL

Penang Bridge from Queensbay rooftop.
That island you see is not Penang island.
It's called Jerejak island. It takes about 10 minutes boat ride to get there.
 It used to be our version of Alcatraz.
But these days you can go get a spa treatment
at the one and only resort on the island.
[Yes, I am an unpaid tourism officer for Penang, in case you're wondering.]

Durian is only for the brave among you [visitors] and is king to us [locals]
This Musang King durian costs RM100 each!

It feels like yesterday we embraced the new year and January is gone for good. Subhanallah! Time flies they say, but I think it evaporates.

Before Feb vaporizes before our eyes, here's wishing you a fruitful month, wish you a fabulous Feb. May we have a fab Feb, bi-iznillah


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