Sunday, February 1, 2015

Prophet's 805 Names | Barakat Makkiyah


Alhamdulillah wa shukrulillah. Because I care, I want to share this precious discovery with you. Some of you might already have the book and ijazah for it, good for you. In any case, I feel that anyone who knows about the book is responsible to create awareness and share, because I strongly believe each Muslim should know about it and each one of us ought to have a copy of the kitab and practise it. One is supposed to have an ijazah to practise but that can be sorted out sooner or later, just please get hold of the book and find your way to obtaining the ijazahbi-iznillah.

Barakat Makkiyah was authored by a renowned mua'llim of Pakistan, Shaykh Musa Ruhani Bazi (1935 - 1998). He began working on the book upon a suggestion by Maulana Muhammad Mas'ud Syamim, who was principal of Madrasah Soulatiyah and Darul Ulum Diniyyah in Makkah. Sadly, the shaykh had passed away in 1992 before Shaykh Musa Bazi could present it to him. Shaykh Musa Bazi named the compilation of the Prophet's 805 names as Barakat Makkiyah in honor of Maulana Muhammad Mas'ud Syamim. The muqaddimah for the kitab was written during duha on Eid-ul Fitr in Masjidil Haram in 1993 where Shaykh Musa made a lengthy du'a for those who keep and read the kitab.

Excerpts of his lengthy du'a are as follows:
That Allah would protect those in whose house are kept the kitab, that Allah would protect them from fears and worries, from any evils caused by men, from being fearful towards their enemies and the acts of evil men, that Allah would protect them from fire, from theft, from lighting strike and from drowning. Shaykh Musa also prayed so that each house in which the kitab is kept, would be enveloped by happiness, protection and abundant goodness. Shaykh Musa prayed so that those who have the kitab by their side at home or when travelling, would be joyful, safe, given honor and protected from calamities. The shaykh prayed so that those who read the kitab would feel safe should they find themselves under duress in an unsafe situation. That they would feel at ease as though they are covered by a strong shield. He also prayed so that those who read the kitab would have their affairs facilitated and made easy, that Allah would fulfill their wishes, elevate their status, remove all afflictions, sickness and accidents. Shaykh Musa prayed so that Allah would open the door of success for those who recite the kitab and they would be granted honor and a prosperous life. [Ameen!]

We would not have known about this person of incredible repute, if it weren't for Ustaz Muhammad Razif bin Abd Wahab, a Malaysian who translated and published the introduction (muqaddimah) of the original kitab. He and a few mureed of Shaykh Musa Ruhani Bazi have, since July 2014, began promoting the greatness and uniqueness of Barakat Makkiyah, in Malaysia.

In Muqaddimah Barakat Makkiyah, Ustaz Muhammad Razif writes about the esteem position of Shaykh Musa Ruhani Bazi, the author of Barakat Makkiyah in which, for the first time, as many as 805 names of Prophet Muhammad salallah alaihi wasalam have been compiled and published.

MashaAllah, surely you are better than me. I only knew four of the Prophet's names i.e. Muhammad, Ahmad, Taha and Mustafa. Thanks to Barakat Makkiyah we now know and will get to recite 805 of the Prophet's names, subhanallah!

The author of the kitab, Allamah Shaykh Musa Ruhani Bazi (Shaykh Musa Bazi) was one blessed with immense talent in writing, teaching and karamah. It was related that the imam of Masjidil Haram, Shaykh Muhammad bin Abdullah Sabil would always mention and praise Shaykh Musa Bazi in his majalis. People in his circles got curious as to why the Imam of Masjidil Haram was well acquainted with a non-Arab like Shaykh Musa Bazi. The imam said, he has had the privilege of meeting many ulama and mashaikh throughout the world, but none surpass the knowledge and wisdom of Shaykh Musa Bazi.

In Muqaddimah Barakat Makkiyah, Ustaz Muhammad Razif writes about Shaykh Musa Bazi being one of only four people whose grave emits a strong sweet perfume that lasted for months! You may listen to more wonderful stories of Shaykh Musa Bazi from this website dedicated to marketing and promoting Barakat Makkiyah.
Not just wonderful stories about the honorable writer who have authored some 200 books, you will also get to learn about the marvelous benefits one could derive from reciting the salawat contained in Barakat Makkiyah. The website and videos are in Malay language, still I would like to urge our non-Malay visitors to try get a copy of the kitab. InshaAllah

Alhamdulillah wa shukrulillah, I'm utterly grateful to have discovered this superb publication.


  1. Masha'ALLAH, Wish u share many more sweet lines from the book

  2. You can download the pdf version and keep it in you mobile phone. Just google and download