Friday, February 13, 2015

Twofold love


I love you with two different loves
the kind that is felt by all men
and the kind that you alone are worthy of.
- Rabiatul Adawiya

My love for You is twofold
Je t'aime de deux amours

It's Friday, folks. It's a day to rejoice. Alhamdulillah.
What is it all about this twofold love? That I love You the ordinary love. And I secretly love You the extraordinary love which only You are worthy of because You are not the same as everyone else. You are not the same as everything else, because You are my "You" and not his or her "You". How special You are to me, he and she will never know. For how can they know that which flies from my heart to Yours. My love for You is twofold. I am happy about this secret love affair between You and me. Who cares about all other loves? You know what You are worthy of. The kind of love all other men have for You, pale in comparison to my love for You because You are my "you" and between the two of us, You know who I am and I know no one else but You. In a myriad of shadows, I see none but You. There are two parts to a reflection as there are two sides of a mirror. There are two aspects of my love for You as there is twice as many, more than anyone's love for You.


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