Friday, March 6, 2015

Interview with Ibrahim Hernandez, Vice President of The Seville Mosque Foundation


Ibrahim Hernandez was in KL in Feb 2015 for a fundraising on Seville's first purpose-built mosque since the great Andalusian era 500 years ago.

Ibrahim is Vice President of the Seville Mosque Foundation who is tasked to assist in building a new mosque and cultural center in the heart of Seville - home to 25,000 Muslims and growing.

The idea for having a proper purpose built mosque in Seville first surfaced in 2004 but only in 2014 have the Muslim community of South Spain begun to gear up their efforts. A suitable plot of land has been identified not far from Seville's original main mosque which had been converted to a church. A bell now adorns the minaret of the mosque.

The Seville Mosque Foundation is determined to make the new mosque a fully functional community and cultural center that is open and friendly to non-Muslims. If all goes well, the mosque is due for completion in 2017.

Ibrahim was a model based in South Africa for nine years before deciding to move to Spain as an effort to do something more rewarding in this dunya and akhirah. He said, dakwah is not an option, but is an obligation of each and every individual Muslim. 

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p/s Thank you MSA for arranging the meeting.

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