Monday, March 2, 2015

Souvenir from Paris for the faithful readers, I promise


Nothing clever this one. Just feeling elated having met some wonderful friends at an equally wonderful event yesterday. It's amazing the feeling, knowing you and the beautiful people you know very well are so attached at the soul, so much so that we were able to meet unplanned despite the huge crowd. It goes to show our souls were in the same rank in the realm of Spirits. You know who you are, ladies. I love you! 

Appreciate one self-confessed faithful reader who showed so much appreciation for this blog, for me and for the little things I do. You have my respect, because you are all very committed to the deen and are definitely more pious and learned than this faqir. I have to scrape the barrel to find something good and beautiful from within me to share while I can.

That's a cheeky proposal, heh promise the faithful readers with something from Paris...ooh la la...but who knows? In sha Allah.

Because je t'aime de deux amours - my love for you is twofold : )

Sunday in Paris?
Soon : P

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