Thursday, March 5, 2015

Visit Al Andalus | Interview with Muhsin Sierra, Director of Visit Al Andalus


Should we visit Spain? Yes! Yes! Yes!

You will know why, when you listen to this warm message from Brother Muhsin Sierra, Director of Visit Al Andalus.

Alhamdulillah, I had the privilege of interviewing him last week when he and his three travel companions visited my humble residence.

This is how Visit Al Andalus describe themselves: "We are a Destination Management Company focused on providing Muslim travelers from around the world with a holistic experience of South Spain, centering our itineraries and experiences on the fascinating legacy of Islamic Spain - the great civilization of Al Andalus, its history, art and culture."
Datanglah ke Sepanyol
That's Malay for 'Come to Spain'

I will say nothing more. Enjoy the video : )       

p/s Very glad that me and SDS (a very talented and clever young lady) have managed to publish a couple of videos before our Spanish guests depart KL.

Thanks to the team at 

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