Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Wadud | Get on the Surface


Alhamdulillah wa shukrulillah.

Thanks to all of you who appreciate this space and thus subconsciously send me love and prayers. Because of your love and prayers, the Generous Lord has sent me a new assistant, my new loving companion named Wadud. That's him, light, slim and super smart!

When your head is under water and you are not breathing fine, you should get on the surface. My long time lappy is not that heavy but it's not light enough. If you want to lighten your burden and smarten up, you should seriously consider getting the Surface Pro 3. Contrary to its name, it will let you dive deeper and its beauty is more than skin-deep, unlike the iPads.

Am not that tech savvy, I didn't know this wonderful thing exist until a few days ago. Thanks to my clever niece. We hereby endorse this intelligent and cool Microsoft baby.

Today is indeed a special day. Seven is the magic number. It's the 7th of April. It's a joy to part with some Ringgit for this little i7-powered tool, just so that this faqir would be motivated to write and create more bi-iznillah.

It pays to be grateful. He will give us more.
Allah Al Kareem is He.
Allah Al Wadud is He.

As grateful as ever,

Check this out, folks:

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