Monday, May 25, 2015

It is Allah's wisdom


Alhamdulillah wa shukrulillah.
It's unbelievable that this took place today [Sunday 24th May 2015].

When I told Dr Jasser Auda how I had discovered his book in September 2014; how much I wanted to meet him to talk about his book 'A Journey to God'; how pleasantly surprised I was when a friend told me he's in KL; and how thrilled I was that the organizer easily agreed for us to have the interview...when I told him all that, Dr Auda said: 
'It is Allah's wisdom.'

Those are simple words which we all know, yet when he said it, it felt different, it's like the meaning of the sentence suddenly carries its real weight, that indeed it is Allah's wisdom. In fact everything that has taken place and that will take place is and will be Allah's wisdom, nothing more, nothing less. Everything is encompassed in His wisdom.


During the interview, I first asked what inspired him to write the book, the journey he undertook while writing the book and then we went through ten aphorisms from the Hikam of Ibn Ataillah. 

He said it all traced back to his 15 minutes daily tausiyah during the entire 30 days of Ramadhan in a mosque in Egypt. It so happened that someone in the audience recorded his tausiyah. He then asked for a copy of the video, made a transcript and eventually a book out of it, in Arabic. An English version published by Awakening Publications followed suit.

'In His hand is all good' is one Qur'anic verse I discovered in Dr Auda's book. It has become my favorite mantra now. In His hand is all good. How true? But of course I have picked up more than just one thing from the book, [and now I can say] from our meeting too : ) 

Do check out Al Falah TV Youtube channel for recordings of the discourse with Dr Auda.


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