Tuesday, June 9, 2015

My world of words


All of a sudden I have a strange strong urge to write. I'll be frank as always, I have just had a good laugh watching 'Delicious Men'. LOL. Now calm down, it's a Korean TV program about four good looking and witty celebrities trying to set up a cafe. Oh well that's where the 'delicious' bit comes in.

I am writing this post from a phone cos the craving to write is extra ordinary and my nephews are playing snooker overtime so they cannot yet fetch my Surface from my Soho.

I missed writing, I missed my world of words here. I felt like the last lot of posts were lacking of something. I didn't dive deep enough in my world of words. It's a dark deep ocean where I can shout anything and presumably no one will hear. It's like dancing like no one is looking. Writing is so private and intimate. It lets you explore the depth of your soul that spoken words pale in comparison. Written words are sexier than spoken words because it can take you to places that spoken words can't.

I love my world of words because it is like a dark room that will not discriminate anyone who enters. It is a free universe that welcomes all, bitter words, hyped up emotions, lifeless laments, fierce smashing, anything.

Words drive me. Words are my world.

No wonder the Creator asks us to read.
Do you read a spoken word? Nah!
Ought to thank the Lord for the "written" world.
It gives meaning to the white empty space.



10 June 2015
My Surface finally arrived at 00:57. I was already sleeping. But it's worth waking up to. And then I noticed a couple of sweet messages from one learned blog reader. This picture postcard is from her. How lovely to know that another soul appreciates 'my world of words' too.
Thanks Dr P.

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